About the Business

First things First…

** I bake out of my home kitchen, and yes..before you ask, I am totally legal. As you may have seen on my blog, I got a call from the County Health Department once! Turns out, having a Food Sanitation License and completing the Cottage Food Course didn’t make me completely legal after all. It was scary, I panicked, I cried (a lot) and I had to cancel orders (which I hate to do.)  I also called my mom, and threw a legit 5 year old temper tantrum. Then I realized, this “hobby” was fun and I didn’t want to give it up. So I did what I could to fix it. And I even stopped crying! Right up until the moment my little Village told me that they would approve a law saying that I could bake out of my home! Then I might have cried a little more.  Moral of the story…I’m legal.  🙂

**I am completely open to ideas. If you have one, let me know…no matter how weird, strange or silly. If it’s within my ability,  I will make it work! If you don’t have any ideas, let me know…we can come up with something together.

**This is my part time job, and I am only one person. With that in mind, I tend to book up sometimes. If you know that you are having a party, and you want Sweet Deeda there, get a hold of my ASAP, even if you don’t know what you want yet, how many cupcakes you need or what time the party starts. I can still put you in the book, and lock in the date for you before I book up.

**I have prices for cupcakes, and cakepops that are pretty static. Wedding cake prices tend to range. They don’t change much, but with that in mind, some more intricate designs tend to be a little more expensive, and I have been known to lower the price for bigger orders. Don’t stress or fret about pricing though, we will discuss that all up front!  🙂

For all orders over $100 and Wedding Orders, I do ask for a 50% deposit when you lock in your date. This is refundable if you cancel within 60 days of your delivery date. I ask for this with bigger orders, because I need to order or purchase supplies ahead of time, and chances are, I will turn down other orders so that I can focus on yours.  As long as you cancel within those 60 days, I probably haven’t bought anything, and I still have a chance to re-book your date.  Your final payment is due 21 days prior to your date.