About Me

Hey There!
I’m Doneida! Creator of Sweet Deeda…or something like that!  🙂

1544549_677088988995482_6724558107979695261_nBy the way, I am NOT the cute little blond up there, sadly. She’s just one of my favorite miniature customers!

Why didnt anyone ever tell me that this would be the hardest part? I hate talking about myself. So, lets just skip passed that part and talk about how I got into this sugary, sweet situation.

In 2010, I bought my first house, and apparently to go along with it, a ‘big kid purchase’ was necessary too–as though the HOUSE didnt qualify. I had always had my eye on a red Kitchenaid mixer. Though, I wasn’t sure why, since I didnt cook much. But, days before we moved into the new house, Marge “the mixer” became a part of the family! Shortly after moving in and busting out Marge for the first time, I decided to try Cake Pops!

My first batch of Pops were pretty messy, and very pink. And yes, that is just a hunk of Styrofoam.


Once they were finished, I had to get reviews, right?  My uncle was at Mayo going through treatments for cancer at the time and I thought maybe a little sweet treat would cheer him up! I learned a few things from that first batch:
-You CAN ship Cake Pops
-You DON’T need 7 different packing materials to get them there
-An Uncle will find hot pink ball shaped treats interesting
-Pink Sprinkles get everywhere
-He LOVED these things, and thought others might too!

I started making CakePops for everything, holidays, birthdays, parties, etc.  Turns out Uncle Wiggy was right, people really did love these little pops. And I find it as NO coincidence that the day he passed away was the same day that I began working on my FIRST wedding order!  😉

I’m not really sure when things started ramping up and getting a little crazy. But since that first CakePop order, I have done some really interesting and scary things in the world of baking.

-I’ve knocked on a random person’s door and asked to cut the peonies from their front landscaping..because they are the perfect color to top a bridal shower cake I was delivering!
-I’ve made wedding cakes, grooms’ cakes and wedding cake pops for dear friends, for people that I grew up with and for people that I had never met before!
-I’ve made birthday cakes and cupcakes for lots of my friend’s precious children year after year!
-I’ve made a MEAT cake, a dog cake and even cake with a pie inside!
-I’ve helped to announce pregnancies, and the gender of numerous babies!
-I’ve messed up, more times than I can count, and my friends/co-workers ate the evidence  🙂
-I’ve made little kids jump up and down with happiness!
-I’ve donated to an amazing amount of great causes (and can’t wait to donate more!)
-I’ve used some of the most random food items to decorate cakes.
-I’ve shipped Cake Pops all over the country. And even went to Florida to make them once.
-I’ve overbooked myself and literally stayed up baking ALL night long once!
-I’ve enlisted the help of family numerous times as; wrappers, bag fillers, and taste testers!

While some have been terrifying and nerve-wracking they have ALL been fun. I have learned that I love a good challenge. I have learned that if you give me a picture, I can ‘usually’ figure out a way to almost duplicate it. And most importantly, I have learned that when I deliver a cake, or order of cupcakes or pops…seeing the recipient smile from ear to ear is the best thing in the world!

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