July 4 – 6

Whoops…seems as though I skipped a few weekends. Sorry kiddies.   I have been trying to get better at photographing and documenting my projects…er, orders. This weekend was chock full of fun things! And shockingly, nothing patriotic!  Check it out!

Jake’s 5th Birthday!
I have been friends with Jake’s Aunt and Uncle for a few years now, so its been lots of fun seeing him grow up. I was thrilled when his mommy contacted me about doing a bunch of goodies for his birthday party! Clearly, he is into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year. All of his treats were white cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

1 2 3 Bridal Shower Cakepops
A friend of the family contacted me to do a couple dozen cakepops for a Bridal Shower. Her colors were Green, Purple and Silver. So I went pretty classic here with mixed flavors, purple and light green chocolate coating and silver sparkles. Definitely worth a super excited mention….I have done a few orders from Jen, and when she picked this one up, she brought me a TOTE full of baking goodies; bags, tips, recipes, etc. It was SUPER exciting!


Tanya’s Bachelorette Party
I gotta say, I have done quite a few bachelorette parties…so many that I had to go out and buy a certain candy mold to use for cakepops and such. So, safe to say I was surprised when I got a call to make these very mature, elegant pops for a bachelorette party. I loved them though. They were so classy looking, and certainly tasty!  🙂