June 9 – 15

Hey Party People!!

Hope you all had a great Father’s Day!! I know that I did. I think sometimes that maybe I take my amazing parents for granted. Often, I don’t think about how those without a Mother or Father, or even those people that play the roles of mother AND father. I know that I have some amazing friends that fall into both categories. I think they are some of the strongest people I know! Cheers to You!

Anyways, it was a slow baking week. Thank Goodness, because I had about 10Million things going on during the week and no time for baking. And if you can believe it, I had everything done and delivered this weekend BEFORE Friday at 6pm! Rock On! And..don’t tell, but I actually have another slow week this time. The calm before the storm, for sure!

Sweet Summer Pops


This order was a pretty simply fun order. Lori just wanted some fun summer-y pops to give away as prizes. They were vanilla cake dipped in white chocolate. For the fun summer theme, I went with bright colored sprinkles. Unfortunately though, I didn’t think to take a pic before they were wrapped. I tend to have this problem often.  Whoops. I pinky promise that I will get better.

Baptism CakePops


I love getting orders from ‘friends of friends.’  I mean, it’s just awesome to me that people are suggesting me!  🙂  To me, that means that I must be doing a good job, and people are happy with the goodies that I am making for them. And I LOVE making people happy.  Anyways, these were just adorable. Cari sent me a pic and I just followed directions  🙂  Vanilla pops dipped in baby pink with sparkly silver crosses!  Bless You Baby Bedeker!  ❤

And just thought I would end on a fun, bright note! I LOVE sprinkles!



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